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indoor plants: A complete Guide

Posted by : Supernursery / On : September 06, 2023

I'm here to share my expertise on indoor plants, something I'm passionate about. Indoor plants are like little pieces of nature that we can bring into our homes and workplaces. They're great because they don't need too much sunlight, and you can grow them in pots, containers, or hanging baskets.

What is Indoor Plants: A Beginner Guide

Indoor plants are basically plants that are okay with living inside our houses. There are lots of different types, and they're good at growing in places where there isn't much sunlight.

3 Benefits of Indoor Plants

  • Fresh Air Inside

Indoor plants are like natural air cleaners. They take in the bad air we breathe out (carbon dioxide) and give us fresh oxygen. Plus, they can also clean the air by getting rid of things like formaldehyde and benzene.

  • Stress Relief

Taking care of indoor plants can be super calming. It's like a little hobby that makes you feel good. Having these green buddies around also makes your home more relaxed, which helps you feel less stressed.

  • Making Your Place Look Great

Indoor plants aren't just there for fun; they make your home look better. They come in all sorts of colors and shapes, making your place more beautiful and cozy.

Taking Care of Your Indoor Garden

Caring for indoor plants is like looking after pets. Here's what I've learned:

  • Pesky Pests

Keep an eye out for tiny bugs on your plants. If you see any, take that plant away from the others and treat it.

  • Feeding Your Plants

Plants need food too! Use the right plant food and give it to them during their growing season.

  • Pot and Soil Tips

Make sure your pots have holes at the bottom and use soil that drains well. If your plant grows too big, give it a bigger home.

  • Light, Temperature, and Air

Check what kind of light and temperature your plants like. Also, let the air move around them to keep them happy.

  • Watering Wisely

Water your plants when they're thirsty, not too much or too little. Look for signs they need water.

How Long Indoor Plants Live

Indoor plants live for different amounts of time. Some stay around for years, even decades, if you take care of them well.

Common Example of Indoor Plants

Some indoor plants are famous because they're easy to look after and look great. I recommend the Snake Plant, Peace Lily, Pothos, Spider Plant, and Fiddle Leaf Fig. They're perfect for beginners and pros alike.

How to Choose the Right Indoor Plants

Picking the right indoor plants is like choosing a new friend. Think about how much light and space you have, and make sure the plants you pick like those conditions.

My Top Indoor Plant Picks

Below are my Top best indoor plants(link to best indoor plants) I have in my room. You can choose according to your space, light, and budget.

  • Fiddle-leaf fig

This plant has big, shiny leaves and makes your living room look classy. It likes bright, indirect light and needs regular watering.

  • Swiss cheese plant

With its unique holey leaves, it's a favorite for modern interiors. It likes medium to bright light and wants you to water it regularly.

  • Pothos

A great hanging plant, pothos is good for shelves too. It's okay with different amounts of light and can handle being forgotten by the watering can sometimes.

  • Rubber plant

The rubber plant's dark, shiny leaves make your room look stylish. Put it in bright, indirect light and water it when the soil gets dry.

  • Snake plant

Snake plants clean the air and are easy to care for. They do well in different light and don't need much water.


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